Gloria Victis Guild Pack

Nekrage LD posted Mar 20, 16


The OranThul will be playing Gloria Victis!

We have begun our beginning tests and have decided to purchase the $2000 guild pack to support the development of the game, obtain bulk alpha keys, and put a piece of OranThul history in the game.

Below is our first look at the alpha state of Gloria Victis. Even further below that is a quick video about the $2000 guild pack and the donation fundraiser for the purchase of it. If you would like to support The OranThul's quest to purchase the pack please consider donating.

NOTE: Whether we meet the donation goal or not, I will personally purchase the $2000 pack even if I have to fund it all myself. If you are not in the position to donate, do not feel bad...I got this. I will of course be providing the alpha keys free of charge even if I fund this all myself.

Nehuy Very good news ^^ The game seems promising.
sephrix GET HYPED