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Gloria Victis' steam early access launch will be on 6/8!

We will definitely be playing a bit as a guild, especially since it comes after a wipe of previous player progression.

Nekrage still has a few keys left to give out to awesome guildies, so make sure to come on teamspeak and join us for the fun!

Gloria Victis Guild Pack

Nekrage LDo posted Mar 20, 16


The OranThul will be playing Gloria Victis!

We have begun our beginning tests and have decided to purchase the $2000 guild pack to support the development of the game, obtain bulk alpha keys, and put a piece of OranThul history in the game.

Below is our first look at the alpha state of Gloria Victis. Even further below that is a quick video about the $2000 guild pack and the donation fundraiser for the purchase of it. If you would like to support The OranThul's quest to purchase the pack please consider donating.

NOTE: Whether we meet the donation goal or not, I will personally purchase the $2000 pack even if I have to fund it all myself. If you are not in the position to donate, do not feel bad...I got this. I will of course be providing the alpha keys free of charge even if I fund this all myself.

Nehuy Very good news ^^ The game seems promising.
sephrix GET HYPED