A New Website!


As you can obviously already see...THE ORAN'THUL HAS A NEW WEBSITE!

As the website is brand new we will be making a fair amount of changes over the next few months.

If you have any suggestions or changes you would like to see, please head on over to the Suggestions section of the forums to make your voice heard!

Now, onto the more important stuff.




As this is a new website an application must be submitted for all members currently in the guild as well as prospective applicants.

Most of the content on the website is accessible only to members, so make sure you get that application in ASAP! 

Previous guild members MUST throw in a new application in order to be considered a guild member going forward.

Be sure to check out the other news posts for updates on guild activities.

We are extremely excited to begin using this new website and thank everyone who chooses to be an active member on it! 


Amazing things are on the horizon! Be sure to read the additional news posts! 


The Oran'Thul functions primarily as a dedicated, goal-oriented group of hardcore gamers.

We, The Oran'Thul, despite having firm roots in the world of hardcore gaming, will not exclude active, casual players from joining our ranks, so do not fret; we believe that even the most passive of players have their merits - as long as they are around to demonstrate them.

Our members will know family; our foes will know fury; those who betray will know regret. Becoming a member of The Oran'Thul means that you represent us in the world of gaming - that is, each individual member forms our face, collectively, as we make our mark upon the gaming world.

If you strive to be the best you can be, and know what it means to put the organization first, then perhaps this is the place for you.